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Piano Challenge App
Piano Challenge App v1.1
  • 游戏类别:音乐游戏
  • 游戏大小:21.6MB
  • 更新时间:2020-12-30
  • 游戏版本:v1.1
  • 游戏语言:简体中文
  • 游戏等级:
  • 游戏性质:单机
  • 游戏厂商:其它


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《Piano Challenge App》是一款非常不错的音乐游戏手游,喜欢Piano Challenge App游戏的朋友可以来IT软件园下载体验。

Piano Challenge App应用说明 Three brand new In-App purchase songs you can buy from your iPhone or iPad for $0.99 each: Beautiful - Christina Aguilera Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys Five For Fighting - Superman AS SEEN ON THE "MUSIC INDUSTRY NEWS NETWORK Featured on AppAdvice, 148 Apps, Appolicious, AppZapp Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" #1 Game/Music iPhone & iPad app in Japan Piano Challenge App Featured in App Stores Worldwide in 155 Countries Groundbreaking app technology that has you playing the piano in minutes The only app in the world that enables you to transfer your piano playing to a real piano Rubato Productions is proud to present Piano Challenge, a brand new app for learning to play the Piano. Features consist of: - Finger Pads for each finger of your left and right hand. - Falling colored spheres that splash onto the center line to signal when to press each finger pad. - Robotic hands that move to each area of the piano keyboard to play piano keys. - New songs can be bought through In-App purchasing. Piano Challenge comes with a library of eleven classical songs to get you started. Whether you’re an accomplished pianist or a complete beginner and no matter where you wish to play while traveling or the comfort of your home, you’ll love playing your favorite music with Piano Challenge. Piano Challenge incorporates gaming with an Easy-To-Use piano app giving you the most exciting piano playing experience possible. The two robotic hands arrive at the right time in the right locations on the virtual piano keyboard simulating your own fingers playing each piano key at the correct moment. Muscle memory is developed from reducing tempo and looping sections of songs. Repetitive movements then train you to play songs in a very short period of time on a real piano.

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