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A Pretty Little Unicorn
A Pretty Little Unicorn v1.0.1
  • 游戏类别:音乐游戏
  • 游戏大小:18.9MB
  • 更新时间:2020-12-31
  • 游戏版本:v1.0.1
  • 游戏语言:简体中文
  • 游戏等级:
  • 游戏性质:单机
  • 游戏厂商:其它


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《A Pretty Little Unicorn》是一款非常不错的音乐游戏手游,喜欢A Pretty Little Unicorn游戏的朋友可以来IT软件园下载体验。

A Pretty Little Unicorn: My Pet Horse PRO应用说明 If you loved the free version, you'll love this PRO version even more! Play this game with no ads and many other cool features! Ever wanted to play with unicorn? Don't you think unicorns would make a great pet horse? Well now is your chance with Pretty Little Unicorn: The Pet horse! Great for both boys and girls with the many character selections. The princess unicorn is so cute that all you girls will want to invite her to a tea party! The princes are tough and rough like you boys. Play with the pretty little unicorns to dodge flying objects that would hurt them! Collect magical stars to help them live longer! This game is highly addictive and fun for people of all ages. The challenging gameplay is endless which will keep you entertained for days. MUST HAVE GAME IN THE APP STORE! Challenge yourself by setting a new record on the global gamecenter leaderboard. This is a universal game that works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Multiplayer is currently in the works. This version does not have multiplayer.


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